Leadership Team - Ambassadors & Councilllors


As well as the board members, DiB has ambassadors to represent it locally.


Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Representing DiB to public and the media as the respective DiB contact.
  • Representing their constituent members to the DiB management team
  • Growing membership in their area
  • Maintaining the integrity, values, ethics and reputation of DiB
  • Organising respective groups, events & community activities (paid and unpaid)


Appointment is by the DiB Board on recommendation from either:

  • Members
  • Incumbent
  • Another Ambassador

Appointments are made annually or on vacation of a position.

Tenure is until the next annual round of Ambassador appointments (12 monthly).

Successive appointments are possible with compulsory step down after 36 months.

Once stepped down, a further appointment to the same position is not preferred.

Preference will be given to nominees with:

  • Appropriate Service, business and DiB knowledge
  • Previous Ambassador experience
  • Substantial business experience
  • Significant business networks
  • Demonstrable abilities to represent DiB confidently and competently


Ambassador positions are voluntary.

Current ambassadors receive complimentary membership and advertising.

Past ambassadors at the national level receive complimentary Life Member status.

Expression of Interest / Nominations

Expressions of Interest / Nominations may be made at any time.

Expressions of Interest / Nominations may be made via the contact form on the contact us page.